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The Lane Tavern:
Home of the Sanbornton Historical Society

Publications & Historical Documents:

Lane Tavern History

Lane Tavern History: Devoting Years to Restore Tavern by Gordon King, Laconia Evening Citizen, circa early 1980's

National Register of Historic Districts

SHS: An Historical Sketch for the First Twenty-Five Years, by Mildred L. Coombs, edited by Elizabeth A. Weiant

Sanbornton N.H.: 1770-1970, by Mildred L. Coombs

Introduction to Sanbornton Architecture and History, Barbara Prokosch, Project Coordinator, published June 1988

Cooking with Lib, the collection of Lib Andrew's famous recipes, printed weekly in the Laconia Evening Citizen and the Lakes Region Trader, and The Sanbornton Farmers' Market Cookbook: 199 recipes from the Farmers' Market's customers, supporters, vendors, and recipe contributors.

Stories in the History of New Hampshire's Lakes Region and Pemigewasset Valley, by Daniel Heyduk.

Hersey Mountain History Project, by Daniel Heyduk

Hersey Mountain and Sanbornton's "New State", a History, by Daniel Heyduk. Presentation made to the Sanbornton Historical Society on 9 May 2013.

Johnson Clockmakers of Sanbornton: Highly Regarded, Little Known, by David A. Sperling published in the Maine Antque Digest.

365 Todays, John M. Blaisdell, Sanbornton, N.H., 1868: His Diary, researched and edited by Evelyn Corliss Auger and illustrated by Joseph Swan.

On the Road North of Boston: New Hampshire Taverns and Turnpikes, 1700-1900, by Donna-Belle Garvin & James L. Garvin.

NOTE: Many of these publications are available for purchase in print from the SHS Gift Shop located in the Lane Tavern.

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