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Mr. Chet Wilson's Visit

Mr. Chet Wilson was pleased to read of the history of the Sanbornton Snow Roller in the Manchester Union Leader [story by Roger Amsden]. He also learned that he might be able to see it during the Sanbornton Farmers' Market Day. He talked his grandson and great grandson into bringing him here on 28 September 2007.

Mr. Wilson will have his 90th birthday in January. He said he left Sanbornton after the 1936 hurricane and moved to Nashua.

He spoke with others about how he sat way up on the top of the roller and how the men put their shovels up there too. He also said how the roller needed 4 teams of horses to do the job.

When asked about family history, he said his father was Everett, he was Chet, had a brother Warren, a son Everett, a grandson Chet and a great grandson Jesse. He continues to live in Nashua.

He seemed to truly enjoy his visit to the Sanbornton Snow roller.

Story by Janet Rattray; photo by Barbara Buswell.

This document initially developed by Jack Potter, 603-528-1990,
Shaker Woods Farm at Point Comfort, 20 April 2007