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Sanbornton Historical Society
Lane Tavern, Route 132, Sanbornton Square
Sanbornton NH 03269
email: info@lanetavern.org

Burial Ground Information

136 Sanbornton burial grounds have been catalogued, with over 4,900 interees. Note: some of the burial ground databases are more complete than others. The following files are available:

Creation of the Sanbornton Town Public Cemetery: June 22nd -September 22nd 2005 (and beyond).

Sanbornton Burial Ground Map

Burial Ground List sorted by Burial Ground Surname.

Burial Ground List sorted by numbers/names used in Runnel's 1882 History of Sanbornton.

Centre Cemetery Interee List (NOTE: the updates to this list have not been integrated into the other lists as of this date)

Interees List sorted by surname.

Abbott -- Avery
Babb -- Byse Updated Apr 2009
Cadue -- Cushing Updated Mar 2009
D -- Dyer Updated Feb 2009
Earle -- Ethel Updated Feb 2009
F.L.T. -- Fullington
Gale -- Guiloton Updated Apr 2009
Hackett -- Huse Updated Feb 2009
Ida -- Isnor
J -- Joscelyn
Keasor -- Knox Updated Mar 2009
Ladd -- Lyford Updated June 2009
Mace -- Muzzy Updated Feb 2009
Neill -- Nutter
Odell -- Osgood
Packard -- Putney Updated Feb 2009
Rand -- Ryan Updated Feb 2009
S -- Sanborn
Sand -- Small Updated June 2009
Smith -- Sykes
Tarlsen -- Tyrer
VanValkenburgh -- Varney
W -- Wyman Updated Feb 2009
Yeaton -- Young
Z (uknown)
Graves Outside Burial Grounds
A to Z List (NOTE: This file contains over 4,000 records)
A to Z List: Sorted by Burial Ground (NOTE: This file contains over 4,000 records)

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